The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is a unique organization. Since its creation by the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Agency has been making important contributions to the global fight against cancer, notably through its capacity to bring together people and organizations from across the world that share common values and objectives.

The IARC Biobank hosts over 6 million samples from studies conducted worldwide, the expertise required to manage the storage and distribution of large sample collections and associated data has provided the Agency the opportunity to lead Biobank networks and collaboration.

Team Members Contributing to the B3Africa Project

Mendy.M_200x150MAIMUNA MENDY

I am a molecular virologist, with over 30 years of experience in research, particularly on Hepatitis infection and liver cancer in Africa. I joined IARC in 2010 as Head, Laboratory Services and Biobank Group. My Group is responsible for the management of over 6 million samples including one of the largest European Cohorts (EPIC). I successfully lead the centralization of the IARC biobank bringing together individual collections on one platform managed by a common database. I have leveraged the experience gained from conducting field base studies, assembling and working with multiple cohorts by providing technical and scientific expertise to Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) and coordinating the LMIC Biobank network (BCNet). Working with BCNet partners, we provide relevant training and support to LMIC institutions to raise awareness and expertise in all aspects of biobanking; with the ultimate aim of providing quality biological samples and data for research.

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

As work package leader for the dissemination WP (WP 6), my role in B3Africa is to inform the wider community on the objectives and goals of the project and its outcome. Our goal is to promote the extensive use of the eB3Kit and the adoption of the ethics regulatory framework that is being developed in collaboration with the Africa and European partners. Another role is to develop a sustainability plan that will provide continuity of the use of eB3Kit by use case members and later by more biobanks across Europe and Africa.

What is your vision for the project? What do you wish to contribute to by participating to this project?

My vision for the B3Africa project is that many more biobanks will have access to the eB3Kit; the bio-informatics platform and the biobank LIMS. Also that the ethics regulatory framework will form the basis of national and regional regulations/policies for biobanking in Africa. By participating in the project, I hope to be able to contribute in sensitizing the different level of biobank stakeholders by emphasizing the benefit of such a project as an important platform for research on public health and disease.


Anouk2_149x170ANOUK BERGER

Head of the IARC Education and Training Group since 2012, I’m trained both in biology and learning & teaching technologies. I have an over 15 years’ experience in managing the design and implementation of capacity building and (e)training activities at the Geneva Faculty of Medicine, Switzerland, the World Health Organization and IARC.

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

As the leader of the work package on education and training (WP5), my role is to coordinate the identification of the best strategies to assess learning needs of project’s partners, as well as the design and implementation of relevant training activities. In this, the engagement of colleagues from all work packages and partners is of utmost importance.

What is your vision for the project? What do you wish to contribute to by participating to this project?

To address learning needs of key professionals involved in the project, so that we contribute both to the improvement of their skills and to the strengthening of the capacity of their institution. In parallel, to provide them with training resources so that they can in turn train their current and future colleagues, thus anchoring the project in the long term. Finally, to allow these resources to be disseminated widely.

In sum, to bridge individual and institutional capacity building, therefore contributing to a longer term improvement of research capacity at institutes involved in the project and beyond.


MeunierD_photo_150x203DOMINIQUE MEUNIER

I’m a Project Manager with 13 years of experience in the health sector, including 8 years at the international level (humanitarian assistance, international development and training). Since January 2015, I contribute to the management of international research projects at IARC.

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

My role is to support the planning and implementation of WP 5 and WP 6 activities. I contribute to the implementation and follow-up on the B3Africa Training Plan, including the organization of learning events (webinars, face-to-face training, etc.) and the development of self-learning materials. I also ensure the day-to-day management of the project website, coordinate issues of our newsletter, and support the organization of WP 5 and WP 6 meetings.

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