The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is a non-government organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya. ILRI maintains a second principal campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and other campuses elsewhere in Africa and in Asia. It is a member of the CGIAR Consortium, comprising 15 research centres globally, which generate and disseminate knowledge, technologies and policies for agricultural development.

ILRI aims to improve livelihoods in poor rural communities in Africa and Asia through research on livestock genetics and production and on animal diseases and human diseases of animal origin (zoonoses). ILRI has a growing program of research on agriculture-associated health risks, particularly zoonotic disease and emerging viral pathogens which is underpinned by modern laboratory facilities in Nairobi, a network of collaborations in the local livestock, wildlife and human health sectors, and excellent capability in sample collection, liquid nitrogen storage, bio-repository management, next-generation sequencing (Roche 454 and Illumina MiSeq platforms) and bioinformatics and it has recently installed a BSL3 laboratory facility.

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