The Medical University of Graz (MUG) Austria, is a young university with a long-standing tradition: As early as 1863 much emphasis was put on medical research and the education of new physicians, both of which proved to be very successful. In January 2004 the former Faculty of Medicine was replaced by an autonomous university. The core competencies of the Medical University of Graz are: high-standard training and education, research at an international level and continuous improvement of top-quality medicine.

Kurt Zatloukal’s laboratory at MUG is a central part of the european biobanking community and the research performed at the Laboratory for Biospecimen Research and Biobanking Technologies under his leadership plays an important role in this planned infrastructure.

Team Members Contributing to the B3Africa Project

WP2_Heimo_150x225HEIMO MULLER

I studied mathematics in Graz and Vienna, concluding with a thesis on data space semantics. I then worked on data visualisation at Joanneum Research, and lectured in MultiMediaArt at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. As Marie Curie fellow, I worked at the Faculty of Arts of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in an interdisciplinary program on word and image studies. From 1999-2004, I was head of the Information-Design programme of the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum. At the Medical University of Graz I developed an interactive data exploration system and investigated large inhomogeneous clinical data collections. I am currently principal researcher in the areas of data modeling and information visualization in several national and EC funded projects (RD-Connect, BBMRI-ERIC CS-IT and B3Africa).

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

As leader of WP2 integration, I will be responsible for putting together all technical developments within B3Africa.

What is your vision for the project? What do you wish to contribute to by participating to this project? 

Make (open source) in the biobanking domain available to a large group of users, especially tools for the handling of samples. i.e.sample management in a biobank and LIMS for downstream analysis.

WP2_Robert Reihs_orginal




I am working in the field of bioinformatics with the focus in the field of biobanks and patient registries. My focus is to help structure the data in this field and make the area interoperable.

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

I am part of work package 2, integration. Building the BIBBOX environment.

What is your vision for the project? What do you wish to contribute to by participating to this project?
My vision in this project is to provide a integrated system for biobanks. Helping especially small and new biobanks to select the best tools for their needs. And with this also structuring the data so that they are easy to use in later research.
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