Uppsala Universitet (UU), Sweden, participates through the Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics that was established on January 1 2008. The Centre is placed at the Faculty of Medicine and administratively associated to the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences.  The research conducted deals with ethical, legal and social aspects of medicine and biology (bioethics) and the application of ethical principles and values to different scientific topics (research ethics).

The research topics cover a wide range of ethical questions related to biobanks and registry research, ethical review, informed consent, medical treatment of patients, nursing, explanations of human consciousness, quality of life, end of life care and more.

Team Members Contributing to the B3Africa Project


Jane Reichel




I am a professor in Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law and Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University. I am currently vice dean and chairman of the research committee at the Faculty of Law. My research focuses on the ongoing processes of globalization and Europeanization and its effect on administrative law. An area of special interest is cross-border data protection, especially medical research and biobanks. The ability of new technology to collect, store and share large amounts of information gives rise to opportunities and challenges, which necessitate administrative solutions that apply across borders.

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

I lead work package 1, Legal and Ethical Regulation.

What is your vision for the project? What do you wish to contribute to by participating to this project?

In order to connect African and European biobanking, legal and ethical tools must be implemented from the start. And for the legal and ethical tools to function in practice, a level of mutual trust and understanding is necessary. The B3Africa project gives ample opportunities to apply research on international administrative law and bioethics, as well as to deepen our understanding of the ethical, cultural and societal underpinnings in the participating states. By connecting our work to other initiatives for better biobanking in Africa and the EU, we can move forward.



I am a final year doctoral student interested in legal aspects of genetics and genomics.

What is your role in the B3Africa project?

Contributor to WP 1

What is your vision for the project? What do you wish to contribute to by participating to this project?

I hope the project is successful in facilitating biobank research in African States, as well as in bridging biobank research in the African States and the EU Member States. By participating in this project, I wish to contribute to raising awareness about the importance of an ethical research.

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