B3Africa 3rd Technical Jamboree, Austria, 9-13 January 2017

The 3rd jamboree, another big success, was organized by MEDIZINISSCHE UNIVERSITAT GRAZ on 9-13 January 2017, in Austria.  Perhaps, the magnificent setting contributed to the stimulating work ambience to render the event extremely productive – several new ideas were sprouted and exchanged on how to implement the integrated informatics ecosystem of the BiBBox.

Practical achievements

  1. Integration of the ODK with OpenSpecimen
  2. Vagrant and Picot for BiBBox installation
  3. StategraEMS can be the join between LIMS and Bioinformatics
  4. MKDocs for documentation and education

New ideas

  1. Use of the Omero Bioabank concept for the implementation of the Ethics and Regulatory framework
  2. Use of the Mapper from the federation framework to map the recording of variables from ODK into LIMS
  3. Pre-analytical variables should be taken into consideration for the post-processing and interpretation of bioinformatics analyses
  4. Integration of the freezer monitoring system into the BiBBox
  5. Use of the ODK LIMS for non-human sample management

Future developments

  1. Implementation of the ODK in a more generic way
  2. Integration of freezer monitoring system from ILRI
  3. Fine-tuning the implementation of the ethical framework in the BiBBox
  4. Fine-tuning the implementation of the ID management
  5. Finishing the federation framework (ES, Kibana, Mapper)


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