B3Africa showcased at the Global Biobank Week, Sweden, 12-15 September 2017

The B3Africa project has been widely showcased at the Global Biobank Week in Stockholm, Sweden, from 12-15 September 2017, with

The B3Africa booth, where partners could meet with conference delegate and show a demo version of the eB3Kit.

Several oral and poster presentations by B3Africa partners:

  • Heimo Müller (Medical University of Graz), Practical Interactive Session on Minimum Operational Needs for Start-Up, Workshop: How to set up a Modern Biobank, 12 September 2017;
  • Kihara Wangoru (International Livestock Research Institute), Mobile Data Acquisition and Freezer Management: The Great ILRI Solution, Workshop: IT for Biobanks, 12 September 2017;
  • Dominique Anderson (University of the Western Cape), Bioresources Management: Open-Source LIMS including BAOBAB LIMS, Workshop: IT for Biobanks, Tuesday 12 September 2017, 13:30-17:00, Room Magasinet;
  • Roxana Merino-Martinez (Karolinska Institutet), Data Harmonization & Data Interoperability, including MIABIS: Implementation in LIMS, and F2Share: Federation Framework in the Context of B3Africa, Workshop: IT for Biobanks, 12 September 2017;
  • Heimo Müller (Medical University of Graz), Biobank in a Box: BiBBox, including a demo, data integration, and how BIBBOX helps system managers, Workshop: IT for Biobanks, 12 September 2017;
  • Jan-Eric Litton (BBMRI-ERIC), Future Biobanks? Session 2A Keynote Plenary 2, 13 September 2017;
  • Carmen Swanepoel (Stellenbosch University), Lessons learned: Challenges Experienced by the NHLS/Stellenbosch University Biobank (NSB), a South African Perspective, Session 3A:The Measure of Success: Metrics Used to Describe the Utilisation of Biobanked Samples, 13 September 2017;
  • Dominique Meunier (International Agency for Research on Cancer), B3Africa Education and Training: using a competency-based approach for the design of a tailored training programme, Poster Presentations 2, 14 September 2017; 
  • Kurt Zatloukal (Medical University of Graz), Innovative Technology and its Contribution to Biobanking, Innovative Technology and Its Contribution to Biobanking, 14 September 2017;
  • Ny Haingo Andrianarisoa (International Agency for Research on Cancer), Lessons Learned from the BCNet Catalogue Pilot Phase, Session 9A:Biobank Catalogues – Technical Operations, 15 September.
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