B3Africa Workshop, Sweden, 14-15 December 2015

In December 2015, B3Africa partners met in Uppsala, Sweden, for a workshop aiming to define the strategies, resources and workflows for the implementation of the eB3Kit.

The workshop objectives included:

  1. Understanding of the main functional modules of the eB3Kit
  2. Definition of required functional modules to guarantee: user management, biobanking, study management, bioinformatics analysis and education and training
  3. Bika Suite: Definition of functional modules to be used in the eB3Kit as well as the integration capabilities with the rest of the kit components
  4. eBioKit Suite: Exploration of possibilities to associate the data (raw/processed) to studies, biological experiments and samples in the LIMS
  5. Azizi: Open Data Kit (ODK) on smartphones for data collection and analysis: Exploration of capabilities of integration with the Bika LIMS
  6. Training and Education: Definition of software tool to implement training and education in the eB3Kit and the strategies and processes needed for the integration of all the component in the training repository
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