Second B3Africa Annual General Meeting, Sweden, 12-13 June 2017

The second B3Africa Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 12–13 June 2017 in Uppsala, Sweden. The meeting was well attended and partners that could not be present could follow the discussions and presentations via Skype and a Logitech conference device.

The first day was dedicated to Work Package status reports and a presentation by Ethics Committee member Professor Ames Dhai of South Africa on legal and ethical pitfalls associated with international collaborations with African countries, highlighting questions that need to be resolved within the project. The second day was devoted to coordinating the work ahead, including future tasks from the Work Packages and the development of a strategic plan to sustain B3Africa beyond the current project’s lifetime. Discussions centred on the various possible opportunities to develop the financial capacity to support users of B3Africa solutions and to allow for further development of the eB3Kit platform and its components (Baobab LIMS, Galaksio, BiBBoX, etc.).

The discussions were extremely productive, and B3Africa also received valuable advice on various solutions from invited experts. The  prevailing mood following the meeting was one of strong optimism and firm dedication to making the third year of the B3Africa project a great one.

Next year will be fully dedicated to  the deployment, dissemination, and education on the use of the eB3Kit platform at the use case institutions in Africa and Europe.

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