Work Package 2 – Integration and support

WP2_Heimo_100x150Work Package leader: Heimo Müller, Medical University of Graz, Austria,

Work Package 2 (WP2), the integration Work Package, will provide a curated platform for open-source software, Biobank in a Box (BiBBoX). Out of this evaluated and preconfigured toolset, the e3Bkit will be assembled according to the needs of our use cases.

Within BiBBoX, software components are configured, ready to use with minimal information technology (IT) effort. The software collection will cover core functionalities necessary to operate a biobank, including bioinformatics support through the eBiokit (see Work Package 4). In addition, application programming interfaces (APIs) will be specified to integrate open-source software solutions in the areas of electronic health records (EHRs), patient and study management, imaging, and data integration and analysis. The first version of BiBBoX is already accessible at

The BiBBoX system architecture is built on top of a Virtual Machine and Docker containers (Figure below). A lightweight central component (shown in green in Figure below) will provide functionality for the deployment of software tools as well as central identification (ID) and user management. The results of Work Package 3 (Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in a Box) and Work Package 4 (Bioinformatics) will be integrated and will cover functionalities for sample acquisition and sample metadata management, sample processing, sample storage, and sample and data retrieval/distribution. Furthermore, we plan to include a broad range of tools, as described at:


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