Work Package 3 – LIMS in a Box

WP3_Alan_102x154Work Package leader: Alan Christoffels, University of the Western Cape, South Africa,

Work Package 3 (WP3), the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in a Box package, will provide an open-source LIMS system to track biospecimens in a biobank laboratory.

The LIMS system must track the lifecycle of a biospecimen through collection, shipping, analysis, storage, retrieval and reporting. These steps, or part thereof, have been implemented in various open-source LIMS such as BIKA-LIMS. WP3 will harness open-source modules to deliver a LIMS suitable for Biobanking, and critical to the pilot sites in Africa and Europe. The LIMS design will allow modules to be interchanged depending on the need of the user community. These modules will be integrated with other tools by WP2 into a curated platform called Biobank in a Box (BiBBox).

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